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Welcome to Dark Legion II !
Thank you for visiting our Dark Legion II Web site.

You've found the home page of one of the best Horde guilds on the Terenas realm. We're celebrating our 8th anniversary !

When our founder launched Dark Legion II in October 2005, her goal was to provide a stable and caring home for her WoW and real-life friends to enjoy World of Warcraft together. As new players joined and other guilds merged with us, the goal expanded to making-sure that we supported our players with the best possible guild experience.

We think that the guild experience is an important part of WoW: a good guild is helpful in the progress and success of one's character(s) and in the support and camaraderie of this very social game.

Dark Legion II is open to all classes and specs. We've never required anyone to adopt or change specs. We've never made membership available to only certain classes. We've never told anyone that they couldn't join because of gear or stats. We usually request for new members to attain at least level 20 soon after joining, though we make exceptions for friends/family of current members.

Our players are all ages, though over-time our membership has leaned to a larger share of adults than younger players.

We offer good guild amenities including:
  • This Web site
  • Our own Ventrilo server
  • Facebook fan page
  • Twitter feed
  • Eight-slot guild vault filled with useful items
  • An experienced and committed guild management
Dark Legion II is an all-purpose guild, with elements of social, levelling and raiding. We're one of the better raiding guilds, with teams having cleared the end-game raid dungeons in classic World of Warcraft, as well as each expansion.

Today, with over 450 players, we're thrilled to share the fun and excitement of the Mists of Pandaria® expansion.

Are you ready to start? Great! Just click on the "join Dark Legion II now" link at the top of the page. An officer will contact you in-game where we can chat about WoW and just get to know each other better. We really want you to be comfortable and happy here.

Once again, thanks for visiting. We wish you the best of success and fun in World of Warcraft!
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Other Guild News

New guild manager announced

Mystère, Dec 15, 13 7:29 AM.
Dark Legion II names Lilypetal as new guild manager.

Founder Mystère stated, "I have enjoyed founding and managing the Dark Legion II guild for the past 8 years. Personal circumstances have required me to discontinue this game that I love so much. Your new guild manager is Lilypetal. She is a terrific person and player. I'm confident you will be happy with her leadership. Thank you all for your friendship and support these many years."

8th Anniversary Celebration Set for Saturday 08 October

Mystère, Oct 10, 13 7:14 AM.
Dark Legion II achieved another milestone, passing eight years of fun and friendship on Terenas.

Stop by Darkmoon Faire this Saturday evening to celebrate with us. We'll gather at the amphithêatre to enjoy the Tauren Chieftains show, share some Darkmoon Ale and make some group photos for Facebook.

As we do every year, we'll have a few prizes for lucky winners!

The fun starts at 8;00PM.

New Tuesday raid team formed

Mystère, Jul 25, 13 7:51 AM.
We've formed a new raid team to start 8:00PM Tuesday 30 July.

We'll raid each Tuesday at 8:00PM for no more than two hours.

Raid team is classified as intermediate. You should:

1. Know how to raid
2. Be familiar with content either by multiple LFR runs and/or researching strategy guides such as Icy Veins
3. Know how to play your class/role
4. Come with Ventrilo and DBM installed and setup

We understand that this team will be behind current content. Our plan is to master MSV, then continue progressing from there, until we're current and ready to tackle 5.4 raid content.

Dark Legionnaires can sign-up on the in-game calendar. Guests are welcome to join via OpenRaid.

Dark Legion II Names New Officer

Mystère, Jul 2, 13 7:32 AM.
I'm happy to announce that Rustylock has been promoted to our Officer team. Rustylock is a fine player who will be assisting Travanna and Mystère with managing our guild.

We're planning to increase the number of guild events where we can all participate together, including world events, scenarios, dungeons and raids.

Rustylock has some alliance characters and brings the experience of having served as an officer in some other guilds. We'll forgive him for the alliance connection, but still target him for extermination when we meet in Wintergrasp.

New officer promotions announced

Mystère, Nov 14, 12 8:16 AM.
Dark Legion II has named four new Officers: Fordail, Fuzen, Lytaneous and Travanna.

Guild Founder Mystère said,

"We are thrilled to have the talents and commitment from such a fine group of players to help me lead Dark Legion II forward to new frontiers. Our guild has continued to grow in size and scope, and I'm confident that this management expansion will be a key factor in driving us to even greater accomplishments!".
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